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The PFD Charitable Contributions Program: A new way to give!

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If you wish to submit a donation online, enter the amount you wish to give and click the "Give Now" button to continue.

Denali Family Services is pleased to announce that we are part of the new PFD Charitable Contributions Program for 2011.  The Alaska Legislature passed a law in 2008 making this new way to give possible for all Alaskans filing for their PFD on-line.  We are excited about the opportunity that it provides all Alaskans to give to their favorite nonprofit organizations.  This program provides a safe, secure and easy way to make a donation.

By giving through this program, you join others to become an important force in bettering our communities and our state.  For those of you who already supportDenali Family Services, we appreciate your gifts and hope you will use this option to make an additional donation.  The future of our country depends on the mental health and strength of our young people. Whenever children are emotionally and mentally healthy, communities are stronger.  If you would like to make a difference in the world, you can do that by partnering with us to change a child’s life.

When you go online to sign up for your dividend, you will see the option called “The Gift of Giving.”  Search for our name (Denali Family Services).  Click and follow the instructions to make to make a new donation, or an additional gift.  At the same time, please take the extra step you will see after you make your donation to provide your contact information to us.  We want to acknowledge and recognize your generous support, and this is the only way we will know it’s you making the gift.

You can find more information about the program, including frequently asked questions, at, or you may call us at (907) 274-8281.

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